Investing in the stock market can be very challenging. With 1000s of stocks to choose from and lots of conflicting information can make it difficult for most investors to successfully outperform the SP500. No wonder 96% of money managers with several years of experience underperform the SP500 over the long run. Making decisions about what stocks to buy, when to buy and how long to hold them can be stressful and challenging. While there is a risk involved in investing on the Stock Market, it offers the most rewarding investment tool even if one has $5000 to invest. At zInvesting Academy we offer courses that covers fundamental investing in the basic course and we combine fundamental investing with technical investing in the advanced course. However, if you want an easier method, we highly recommend buying our strategies that have outperformed the SP500 since 2017. The Top 10 DOW  is least risk with good returns. The SP500 large cap and profitable high growth strategies are low to medium risk with higher returns.  The Bull Bear Market and Top 10 Performers offer the highest returns with medium to high risk. Each of these strategies will provide a list of 10 stocks to buy. Some are long term strategies in which one holds the stocks for 6-12 months and then come again to our website to get an updated list - some stocks will be the same as before and some will have changed. This means some of the stocks may be retained, and some traded. Some strategies are short term, with 1 month holding period, and similarly, one can come to our website every month and get an updated list to maximize returns. Please email for more information. We can also setup a 30 minutes free consultation with you. Thank you so much and Happy Investing.