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I started investing in the US Stock Markets since 1998. I have experienced the 2000 Crash, 2008-2009 Bear Market and the 2020 Covid-19 Crash. I have learned a lot and use very sophisticated analytical tools and knowledge to pick stocks. Knowing that 96% of Money Managers under-perform the SP500, I wanted to challenge myself to determine strategies that outperform the market. I have developed several strategies that I am willing to share for a small price. Also I am offering courses in Stock Market Investing, Just FYI I hold a PhD Degree in Engineering from University of Toronto, an IT Consultant for 14+ years, a former lecturer at University of Toronto and University of Phoenix, and possess a highly analytical mind. Our mission is to help all investors be able to invest successfully and make money, be it for College and University Education for themselves or kids, Wedding, Dream Vacations, Buy a Home, Retire, etc. All at a very affordable price. In case of questions, please email us and we will happily reply or setup a FREE 30 minutes personal information session with you. Happy Investing!

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